A must-have hair accessory!

Hello 90’s Scrunchie Trend! We’re obsessed with our cute matching scrunchies to create fun updos or add a pop of colour to your high pony. These delights made a comeback two years ago on the runways in New York, and are here to stay. 

Scrunchies reveal almost everything you need to know about how fashion trends rise and fall. They were part of youth culture in their first era of popularity, and that’s largely what they are again. It’s just different people who get to be young this time.

Trends like scrunchies, with their novelty have uncomfortably clear generational dynamics. A fresh crop of kids excavates your own youth with ironic fascination. For many people, revisiting an article of clothing is relatively easy, but it can be alienating to watch people who weren’t yet born when platform shoes & low-rise flared jeans were first all the rage to adopt those things as their own. You almost want to pull a group of on trend teens aside and say “you’re welcome” – I’m sure that would go down a treat!

Not everyone loves the idea of the scrunchie’s return. For the past two decades, they have been deemed as big, frilly, and objectionably retro-looking. Its opponents don’t see any reason to change their views just because two hip designers decided the scrunchie is now cool. That attitude is typical of throwback fashion trends. While the thrill is precisely the draw for some people, plenty of others who lived through bell-bottoms or baby-doll dresses the first time would love to leave those items in their past.

Time, however, brings with it something that might be even more important than nostalgia: new shoppers. Gen Zers, currently in their teens and early 20s, are too young to have any memories of their childhood scrunchie misadventures. Today, scrunchies are available in virtually every color, print, and texture you could imagine.

Scrunchies say: 

She’s beachy, she’s fun, she wants to put her hair up in a bun.

Moral of the story; stock up and wear them loud and proud!

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